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Mei Mei
Confucius said “To eat or make love is human nature”.
He was merely stating the basic human needs of this time.
With the advancement of society, to make love is no longer consider adequate in the context of our modern lifestyle. People nowadays concentrate in the aesthetic and enjoyment aspect of the activities they pursue. Let this be our philosophy from this day onwards!

China, Large than all of Europe, has evolved many excellent cuisines through the centuries.

For instance: Cantonese, Peking, Szechuan, Shanghai and Fuzhou are some of the more popular. Despite this due popularity, there is a frequently quoted Chinese saying “if you want to eat, go to Canton”. This is because Cantonese Cuisine has excelled in producing many different exquisite delicacies. In our menu we sample mainly the Cantonese dishes, with a selection of some popular dishes from other cuisines. In your selection, we respect you to be your own judge, giving each dish its due merit.

When Marco Pola visit China about 700 years ago, it was destined that East meet West and West meet East. The Chinese way of eating is but one of the means to reach our glories culture, be it the past or present, and we bid you welcome to our “Mei Mei” Chinese Restaurant.

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